Monday 7 May 2012

Not the end of the art journal

I am a bit of a worrier, and one of the many down sides of that is the worries become excuses not to do stuff. This is an example of how silly I get: after only 7 spreads, I was worrying about how the art journal would end, would it just finish or would I have to figure out a good ending? would it be consistent with the start? oh, dear, oh dear. (My thought processes aren't always grammatically correct.) I was reluctant to use up images too soon, reluctant to start a new page without knowing where I was going with the entire project.
This worry has now been completely overcome by doing this: Scanned Image  0117

After seeing lots of Japanese books/manga/magazines, it occurred to me that I was thinking about the art journal in a very limited, linear way. Instead of worrying how it will end, I've made a second beginning, at what I usually think of as the back of the book. So, there's now two beginnings that will meet somewhere in the middle. It's turning out to be a challenge to think of the pages running right to left, which is probably good exercise for the brain.
Also, sort of fitting for a new beginning, I'm changing my work habits. On the bus, I'm going to focus on mending and embroidery for a while, as I had been missing the needlework, but to keep the art journal project going, I'm aiming to work on it 30 minutes every(ish) evening. Let's see how it goes.

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