Wednesday 23 May 2012

Embroidery done

While ironing the shirt, I found 2 more stains to cover over, and I did end up adding a bit more embroidery to the front of the shirt as well, but now it's finished (and in the laundry pile):

mostly mended shirt
I opted not to put on the extra tatting, mainly because it would need to be tea dyed and I just didn't want to wait for it to dry. I've put it away for later, along with the extra dyed threads from this project, neatly tucked into a labeled ziplock bag, and shoved into my ribbons box. It kind of makes sense to store them there, as it's where I'd keep lace or fancy strings; at least it makes more sense than storing them in my needle bag.

My new bus craft is sort of boring, but it's just one part of a big, exciting project! I've gone off having decorative pillows on the sofa, but we have some nice pillowcases made from what I think is handwoven fabric in some sort of South American design, very bright and colourful. For years, I've been meaning to try making a quilt from them, to use as a throw on the sofa, which is totally different from having pillows on the sofa, honest. Planning the layout of the pieces was always too difficult, but on the weekend I came up with this: Scanned Image  0120
My P said the diagram looks like something from the Voynich Manuscript. Still, it feels like enough of a plan to get started on, so I'm un-picking the pillow case seams on the bus. Yes, that's as exciting as it sounds. Hopefully when I've finished that step, I'll have collected together the other fabrics to piece with the pillowcases, and the project won't come to a sudden halt like so many of my endeavors do. I'm trying to keep track of the time I'm spending on this project, mostly as a way of keeping the project on track. And of course, having the blog should help with tracking the project, too. (I feel like I've not been using this blog very well, but that's a big, exciting project for another day.)

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