Sunday 15 February 2009

week-or-so's update

crochet flowerI got it together and crocheted a flower following Gipsy Quilt's instructions. Mine just isn't as cute as hers- perhaps aiming for 'cute' is a bit too high for me. I'm not sure if the thread I choose is wrong, or if I misunderstood the instructions. Mine looks more like a pile of crochet than like a flower. A bit disspiriting. Maybe it would work better with fewer spirals- I could cut it in two and make two flowers. Or it could be un-spiralled and used as a bit of lace. Anyhow, it's a good activity for the bus, even if I'm not totally happy with the product.

For next week, I'm hoping to work on combining crochet with small balls of yarn to make a mini-teddy-bear. If it works out, I'll need to find someone who would like a mini-teddy-bear.

Another note: must remember the head of the directorate is occassionally on my bus. This isn't a problem, but it could feel like starting work before arriving at the office.

Friday 6 February 2009

more doing nothing

Thursday morning, the woman who sat beside me on the bus was knitting! She was using a pair of small circular needles on what I think was a sleve for a sweater, but I didn't ask what it was she was knitting. I know, I should have said something encouraging, but I just didn't feel social. Anyway, she moved to a different seat (maybe I smell bad). I've had a cold for about a week now, and not been organized to get anything to do on the commute. My bad.

Wednesday night I noticed one of the strips on my finger knitted scarf was running, and I did repair that. I don't understand how the ravelling started, but it was held up where the strips were linked together so it wasn't hard to repair. The scarf isn't perfect, but it is keeping my neck warm.