Monday 14 November 2022

Utopia v Eden, just some jottings

Utopia: an organized area; made by people; dream for the future

Eden: natural, but a garden, not a wilderness; divine and pre-dating people; ultimate past

Places as expression of a concept, not a location. But still somewhere it would be possible to go?

Edit: Three days after I jotted these thoughts down, the Band on the Wall emailed an ad for Sarathy Korwar's gig, so I ended up watching the Utopia Is A Colonial Project music video. Again just some unfinished thoughts here: Is Utopia something imposed? Eden something taken away?

However, I want to investigate Utopia; I'm not sure a comparison to Eden, or Paradise, would be helpful, useful, or enlightening.

Wednesday 9 November 2022

Bit on trash

 I use trash in my crafting projects- it isn't a way of cleaning the environment, more like it's the material my environment provides (rather than rafia, or pine needles, for example). My thoughts have never been clear on this.

Riverside Story by xiangyu and Yoshiki Hanzawa: Making Clothes from Trash Found in the River in the almost painfully hip Tokion, touches on some of my thoughts on using trash. But their work seems to be a bit more documentary; something I tend to try to avoid, though I did do a 'vacation in Japan' piece a few years ago. It's hanging in the hall.