Sunday 12 September 2021


 Let's start this with 'sankofa'. It seems like a simple idea, but I'm not sure I will ever completely understand it. I came across it reading about Larry Achiapong's flags at the Liverpool Biennial. I didn't physically go to Liverpool, but really enjoyed the on-line offering. I'm grateful.

There's a lot of examination of colonialism and its legacy in stuff I've come across recently, exhibits and talks. A site examining sugar industry, slave trade, and industrialisation in Flintshire came up in one of the discussions. To my shame, I am descended from someone who owned slaves.

Two things from Bulgaria's past: a photo collection and an article on early Turkish feminists. I know almost nothing about Bulgaria, but still I have come across these two things.

This morning I listened to the conference by the International Society of Ikebana Research, which was very interesting and has given me a lot to think about. Not sure yet if I will find it inspiring

And, it's a common word that I know I would use, but it was only this week that I read the definition of 'sundries'. It is only a bit different than I thought.