Sunday 28 February 2010

After a bad start

The weaving didn't start well. First, I mis-counted and ended up with 9 rather than 10 strands to weave on. Instead of starting right away on just 8 strands, I added another day of doing nothing much because I had decided on 10, and 10 it would be.

The next mishap was losing a ball of yarn on the bus. I had taken off a piece to weave with, and then instead of putting it back in the bag I must have just dropped it. It was only a small bit and I was reluctant to crawl around on the floor of the bus looking for it.

But last week the weaving came together and I now have about 6 inches of stripes done. It's sort of a sampler, testing how different yarns work. Once it's done, I'll put it through the washing machine. If it survives, it may end up on a quilt. Maybe.

Sunday 14 February 2010

Starting the year

I'm having a very slow start to 2010. Just not feeling energized, organized or enthusiastic. But yesterday on the train home from the Martin Mere wetlands centre, I did doodle for a bit. Tonight, I'm going to try getting a weaving project started. Maybe finally getting the year started right.