Saturday 19 May 2012

An update

At last! An update on the art journal:
Scanned Image  0118I haven't been making a habit of working in it, but at least I've done a bit. The right hand page just isn't working for me, even though I really like the things on it. Maybe I can build up some momentum on it this weekend.

There's no photo, but trust me, I've also been working on the shirt. I think all the stains are embroidered over, but now I'm wondering if I should continue to use up the rest of the thread; and while going through my craft supplies yesterday I came across some more tatting (what was past me thinking, putting it in with my needles?), so I'm wondering if I should add those as well. My next step is to iron the shirt and see how it looks when I'm wearing it.

Going through my craft supplies has left me feeling a bit overwhelmed. There's so many things I want to try, but I know I don't have a good record on finishing projects.

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