Wednesday 29 February 2012

review of the Finishing Touch

I do the same things again and again (it's like my innermost soul is a teletubbie), so here's another post about going to the Hatworks, this time for the Finishing Touch: Trends of Trimming Unpicked, on until 11 May 2012.

I suppose I thought the show would be just my cup of tea (I loved the window display, full of cut out butterflies) and so at first I was disappointed that it just wasn't. Don't get the impression that any of it is bad, but I just didn't find the work on display inspiring when I thought (based on previous exhibits) that it would be giving me fresh ideas for making stuff.

Then at the end of the room I saw a piece that made the visit completely worthwhile: William Chambers' Crystal Cocktail Explosion. I have a lot of drinking straws in my boxes of stuff, but I never would have thought they could be used to make something so classy. Actually, I'm not sure I could make something that classy, but it looks fun anyway. It has reminded me of an installation I saw on TV, years ago (10 years?), from somewhere in Ireland I think. The artist used bent plastic spoons stuck in a lawn to make pretty flowers, startling because they were made from such a cheap material.

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