Sunday 12 February 2012

Not much difference

There's not much different to the last scan, but I'm satisfied with these pages now: Scanned Image  0105

And so, it's time to move on. I'm having a hard time with this next set of pages because I really dislike the background colour. Words like "vile" or "disgusting" are a bit too harsh, but it's just not inspiring me. So though I've been trying to find pictures to add, I've mainly just been thinking about how much I don't like the colour, and so after half a week, the pages are basically the same as the initial scan: Scanned Image  0106

But now, in one of those coincidences that make me think Caatje fated to be my art journal guru, when I was doing my weekly catch up with the blogs, I read her description of using sponge and watercolours to quickly put in a background. I especially like the checkerboard variation. It seems perfect for brightening up these pages, and I'm hoping that will get me into the fun bit of cut and paste that comes next.

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