Monday 27 February 2012

Slowed down

This isn’t much different than last week: Scanned Image  0108

I slowed myself down, because I had the idea to use a purple watercolour marker to do a row of dots around the anubises (or is it anubi?), but I couldn’t find my marker set. It’s not a special marker set or anything; in fact, I’ve had it so long that the dark blue is used up and the yellow has odd splodges, but the purple is still alright and that’s what I had set my mind to use. Anyway, I couldn’t find the markers, but I wanted those dots, so I spent time looking for the markers, checking and re-checking my bag, piles of paper, my desk, etc., and generally not working on the journal.

Then I suddenly realised that I had put the markers on the shelf beside the bed, where I must have seen them at least twice a day. Why did it take a week to find them? Anyway, the dots are added and so I was ready to start writing on the pages this morning, but on the bus I realised I didn’t have a black pen with me. I was determined not to repeat the waiting-for-the-right-pen behaviour, so I did try using the coloured pencils in my bag, but it just wasn’t right. I took a black pen from the office and used that on the way home.

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