Saturday 3 March 2012

Is this real?

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My P, after catching up with this blog, came into the room and said "That really looks good on the web" with all the implications that it didn't look good in reality! Evidently, in real life it looks like a pile of random bits, much like my collection of fabric, strings and odd junk that I call crafting supplies; it looks too delicate to hold together, like it's not a solid object, not a complete thing in and of itself. (I confess it has started to make crackling noises when opened.) The conversation made me think how I've never seen another art journal in real life, my ideas about them are almost entirely from what I see on the web. Is it something which in real life can only be raw, with the presentation of the thing being the completed product, sort of like props for a film?

P also noted that “anubi” was a ridiculous word. According to Sir E.A. Wallis Budge in Egyptian Language, “masculine nouns (I am assuming Anubis is masculine) in the plural end in U or IU”. So my new plural for Anubis is anubiu, just as incorrect but it sounds so cute to my Anglophone ear!

And on the topic of words that aren’t real, I overhead a conversation between two women on their way home from work, about a TV socket, “It’s not like a health and safety thing, it’s just aesthetical. (pause) Aesthetical, that’s not a real word is it? It’s just aesthetic, that’s what I mean.” Though I would have agreed with her at the time, it turns out that aesthetical is a real word, just one that seems wrong.

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