Sunday 18 March 2012

Sleepwalking through the week

I think I've spent more time working on the journal at home than on the bus this week. It's been hard to get my brain in gear and I've just been very dozy. One of my colleagues jokingly accused me of sleepwalking on a lunch break, and that's  pretty much how I've felt all week. Scanned Image  0114

The blue colour feels more cheerful and goes with the green page. Even though I haven't been doing much with it this week, it is easier to work on the coloured page. The paint did bleed through to the page before, so here's another scan of that page. The splodges under the "p", on the "d" and under the flower are new. I actually like how they work with the blue triangles on the pages. Scanned Image  0113

My thoughts on the presentation of art journals are the actual final product in the process, plus some more time on Spoonflower, has given me the idea of putting together a fabric printed with the all these scans of the journal pages. However, I need more fabric like I need a hole in the head, so  I might just ignore that idea.

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