Sunday 15 March 2009

ready to weave?

weaving club goodiesWalking home on Friday, I was met by my P and one of our neighbours, who asked what I had been crafting on the bus. A bit embarrassed to say I had just been reading- I should have explained I was reading the DIY Weaving Club zine and project instructions. I got the package last week, and it does look good. My project for Monday is from the DIY Weaving Club- a RagBag Loom. It took me a few readings to get my head around the instructions (due to me being scatter-brained rather than the instructions not being clear) but I think I’m ready to start it now. The loom and shuttle are glued together, and I’ve got my string selected!

Other notes:

  • Missed the bus on Friday morning- it pulled away just as I reached the stop. I had to laugh, as I was slowed down by the Ska tune in my head, leading me to just mosey along. If it had been a House or Motown track, I would have been at the stop tapping my foot before that bus had got there.

  • On Monday or Tuesday (memory fails me) it was cold enough in the morning to have condensation on the bus windows. “Don’t write your name!” an older sister insisted, then showed her sibling how to draw a dog face based on a stick man and turn the letters boy into a face. “I know those already” was the response, but they were new to me.

  • I did work on the flower, but I’m not satisfied with the result. So instead of being finished, it has gone into another level of not finished. Not feeling inspired to do more flowers.

  • Instead of getting up to work on the quilt this week, I just stayed in bed as late as I could. Still hoping to sew up a row this weekend. I do still want to work on it, but it is going very slow.

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