Sunday 1 March 2009

ball of yarn bear

Ball Bearing(So CUTE!!) The mini-balls of yarn were rolled as I went to and from work on Friday, then on Saturday I sewed them together (using the same yarn). So, not a completely made on the bus craft, but a good use of the time.

The head, nose, body, arms and legs are just small balls of yarn. The nose is a bared fly stitch and the eyes a 4 looped French knot, both with all 6 strands of black embroidery thread. The ears are crocheted: slip knot loop, chain 1, 3 double crochet into the slip knot. Like the limbs, they are sewn on with the same yarn, but with the loose ends of the crochet pulled through the ball of yarn, too.

Really pleased with how this turned out.

And a scheduling note: On our holiday at the Heights Hotel, we met an ex-English team hill runner (lovely woman), who still goes running in the early hours every morning. It inspired me to make an effort to get up (and out of bed) early, and take the time to sketch, craft, or just do something creative.

I failed to finish the story in time for P’s half birthday, and I haven’t returned to work on it yet. And my quilt only has 6 rows on it, with the seventh ready to be stuffed. We bought some storage boxes for me to tidy up my shelves with, and hopefully that will help with having space to work in.

Overall, I’ve not done as much as I had hoped to, but I have done some things. And spring is here.

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