Sunday 8 March 2009

Doing and thinking

on the way to workOn Friday, I got off the bus two stops early, took a few pictures and then a 10 minute walk to the office. As I get older, the public health messages about exercise make more sense.

Craft-wise, I wasn’t doing anything earlier in the week, then started another bear on Thursday. It’s with a thicker white yarn, so it will be a polar bear, or in Japanese, shirokuma (shiro for white, kuma for bear). I wonder how much I can say in different languages! (Must look into that learning French series that Chris recommended- in preparation for visiting the mechanical elephant.)

Anyway, I finished the bear on the weekend, after making a mouse at the guild meeting. I’ve put some more ideas for wool ball animals in my journal (the octopus looks like a good one), but for the commute on Monday I think I’ll try to finish a flower I started ages ago, so I can tidy it away. It bugs me that I can't get organized to do stuff. Does that mean I don't really want to do it?
white bear and mouse
What I enjoy more than the doing is the planning- the thinking out how something could be done. The doing is a slog. But there's no other way to test the planning. Hmm.

And I do still want to have stuff finished.

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