Monday 15 September 2008

To beanie or not to beanie

I think it's a Buddhist thing, that the
root of unhappiness is desire, meaning if you didn't want something,
you wouldn't be upset about not having it (or maybe I have that backwards). This is something I struggle
with, not so much with wanting things, but wanting to make things, even
things I don't particularly want.


For example, after reading Sharon B's
post on the Alice Springs Beanie Festival and seeing the pattern link, I started to
think about yarn and knitting needles and bobbles and ear flaps and all
sorts. Then I felt frustrated, because I couldn't instantly start
knitting a beanie.

Now, I don't wear hats of any sort very often, and I
have remembered that I do have a cute beanie already (red on black,
venom lack, and also matches my walking coat). But somehow, I felt like
my life would be incomplete if I didn't knit a beanie, and soon!


The arguments against making a beanie are good: I don't need one, would hardly wear it, I don't enjoy knitting
for its own sake. But I still want to make a beanie, which is a bit
annoying. So I want to knit a beanie, but I also want to not want to
knit a beanie. I don't know which I want more.


On a real world note, I enjoyed
untangling the yarn this morning- touching the string felt nice after a
weekend break. So I'm more optimistic about finishing that task, and
maybe wanting to crochet the flowers after all.

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