Monday 8 September 2008


Here’s the short version of a story that really isn’t mine to tell: Today a woman at the office was telling us how she and her partner stopped a man from jumping off a bridge this weekend. They had grabbed him as he stepped over the railing, but couldn’t lift him back onto the bridge. She tried to flag down any passing motorists to get help, but most drove past, including a bus. She’s certain some people on the bus noticed her, but said the driver probably hadn’t. One driver and a pedestrian family did help out, and the situation was resolved successfully.

My dilemma is this: If I’m concentrating on crafting, I know I genuinely would not have noticed her waving her arms and trying to get some help. I don’t think I’m a “bad person” or that crafting on the bus is a “bad thing”, but in the hypothetical situation of me being on that passing bus, it would have a negative impact.

Even if I were watching the world rather than crafting, I may not have registered the drama on the bridge, or understood what was going on. And I may have thought that someone else would surely stop and so I wouldn’t need to. But if I were crafting, there would have been no chance that I would have helped.

So a dilemma to ponder. Coming home from work, I did just work on the tangle. It is shrinking.

On a different note, back in what I call “normality”, I’m thinking about having a break from yarn when the untangling is done, and trying some writing. I tried a bit on the train to Liverpool to see La Princesse (my weekend was good!) and I think it would work. I’ve got little ring binders and plenty of scrap paper all ready to commute with me.

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