Sunday 3 June 2012

stopping before it's too late

I've decided that this spread is done, because I'm worried that any more work on it would move it from the 'mess' to 'total mess' category: Scanned Image  0122

Looking at it again, it's not bad, and I do still like it, but the additional background colour didn't really work out. I found a plastic dove shape from some wedding confetti and tried using it as a stamped image. What you do is put the plastic shape on a smooth bit of wood, then wrap cloth around it and use it like a rubber stamp. I've done this before and it's worked well, but it was a bit messy this time, probably because I was a bit tired and not concentrating well. Then I tried painting over the stamping, which made things even messier. So, time to move on to this: Scanned Image  0123

I'm actually looking forward to starting on a fresh set of pages, trying out new ideas and using up some of the stuff I've collected. My problem with adding to the stash has been especially bad this weekend. I picked up a bagful of fabric and yarn at the guild meeting yesterday, then made some lovely marbled paper at a workshop at Victoria Baths  today:

bright paints on a dull day

Only one of those is mine, but I made 2 more before heading home. Marbling paper is fun, but what am I going to to with it? I have trouble finding space to work in, and stuff just gets lost in piles in my craft area. But I can't bear to get rid of stuff, and I can't resist getting more. Yes, I have a continuing problem.
Note: the workshop was run by Sue Shaw, who can be contacted at Hot Bed Press.

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