Sunday 10 June 2012

not so exciting update

I suppose it is fitting in a way, as the second pages at the start of this art journal are sort of boring, that the second pages at this other start are looking a bit boring as well:

Scanned Image  0125
I don't get what's wrong. There's exciting stuff: ships, woman with sea shell, clock face jellyfish. But somehow I've put them together in a very boring way. Hmm. Maybe there isn't enough interaction between the different elements. I don't really know what I'm doing, so I'll just keep working on it.

Making a habit of working in the art journal after my daily Wii-Fitting seems to be working fairly well. In fact, I've been thinking about trying to attach a drawing habit to the art journalling. I routinely whine like an adolescent about how I want to draw, but I've never stuck to a plan for improving my drawing skills. I'm not sure how I would combine drawing practice with the art journalling though. Hmm, again.

In quilt related news, I'm still working on unpicking the third pillowcase. I did a bit more while waiting for the Manchester Day Parade, so I feel like I'm still making progress with it.

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