Saturday 7 January 2012

third helping

Again, I’m not 100% satisfied with the pages, but still feel like it’s time to say “done” and move on:

Scanned Image  0098
I do think this is a livelier offering than the previous pages, though not as appealing as the first ones. I am proud of the way the M in “Mostly” uses the top of the s from the first page. Saying that, scanning this page was the first time I really noticed the letters on the right, marking out some of the following pages. I hadn’t been paying attention to how those interact with what is on the open pages. So something else to consider as I move on to these:

Scanned Image  0099
The left page is the last of my initial colouring efforts. It’s coloured pencil, and I’m not sure what sort of surface that will make. The roughly stamped pattern on the right sheet was added last weekend.

It seems like with the start of the year all of blog-land is full of resolutions and plans. My P pointed out that one of my problems in getting things done is just having too short an attention span. For years, I’ve been telling myself to finish projects rather than start new ones, but though I always think that’s good advice, I never actually follow it. Maybe I should learn from my failures and just not bother to finish stuff. Perhaps I’m just intimidated by how many blank pages are in this address book; at 3 pages per month, this project should last me a good few years.

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