Sunday 22 January 2012

I have a problem

It started with just an envelope, then a second. Than the A4 clear wallet came into use, and a folder. Now there’s 3 magazines on the pile of stuff I’m hording because I might want to use it in this journal.

It’s not the biggest problem (my fabric hording is much worse) but I’ve been telling myself to stop collecting stuff, and yet, the pile of paper keeps growing. I do think the hording makes it harder to be creative; energy is spent managing the collection of stuff rather than using it. But I don’t seem to have the will power to stop collecting stuff or get rid of the excess paper. Somehow, I’m hoping that publicly confessing the problem with make it get better.

Anyway, some of the collected images will be used up as I start work on these pages:  Scanned Image  0102

I've been really looking forward to working on these pages, because I just love those nesting dolls.

Again, I’ve decided that the pages I’ve been working on are “done enough”:  Scanned Image  0101

Perhaps, “done enough” will be the motto of this project.

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