Thursday 12 January 2012

Easily intimidated

On my lunch break I popped over to Hobbycraft, really just to get out in the unexpected sunshine, but I was interested in paper punch prices, too. I ended up in a scrap booking and stamping aisle; everything was so cute and pretty! It made me feel totally discouraged, like my work was never going to be nice enough.

Actually, I think I'm just in the mood to be discouraged. I've been complaining to myself about how many bits of paper, pens, pencils, and such I have in my bag and how inconvenient it all is. But really, I'm just making excuses for not doing any work on the bus this week.

So, how to get motivated again? I had thought about signing up with the Book of Days, but I'm not feeling very sociable. I'm also considering limiting the supplies I bring with me in the morning, to give myself a bit more focus, and maybe tap into some morning enthusiasm.

Or maybe I should just revisit Caatje's pages, that made it all seem so fun.

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