Wednesday 26 May 2010

Review of Treasure from Trash

I saw the display for this show in the Hat Works window last week, and I popped in there today. It's just a small show, but very interesting. It's only on for another week before moving on, so I'm glad I took a long lunch break to check it out. Know trash put the exhibit together, and if I understand right, it was at the Eden Project before coming up here.


  • One of those Senegalese suitcases lined with old comic papers, I love these

  • Paper beads from Beads for Life, which are a lot classier than the ones I remember making in grade school

  • Cool frames by re-Tread or Tread, the tread patterns are like carved wooden frames

  • Bag made of small rolls of paper woven over with tread

  • Moroccan trend of covering raffia bags with scraps of brocades and braiding, the description says it makes them stronger; reminds me of fancy crazy quilting

  • Hat, fascinator and beret from the fabric from just one old shirt (wish I had written down the maker's name!)

  • Super cute patchwork chicken on a pillow

I've been filled with ideas about how to use the plastic stuff I've collected over the years. Lots of inspiration for mixing different materials. I know I should put these in my journal, but I've got a sinus headache going on, so it will have to wait until I'm happier in the head.

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