Saturday 22 May 2010

Oh darn it

Last Saturday, instead of being a can-do-crafter, I fell into the bad habit
of indecision and procrastination. In part of my brain, I've decided to
cut up the old umbrella I inherited from a friend (over a decade ago
and I've fallen out of touch with her now) to make the patches for the
Make do and Mend bag. But there's another part of my brain, the
reticent part, that wants to just leave things as they are, because you
never know when a better idea will come along, and you don't want to
spoil things now, because you'll feel stupid about it later. On the
weekend, reticent brain won.

darning startingInstead of patching, this week I started the
darning on the other side of the bag. I used some dressmakers chalk to
trace around a cut out heart shape. That didn't look permanent enough
to stand up to a trip to the office so I added the line of red running
stitch at home. The odd green and red shape is over the big hole on this side
of the bag. I hadn't realized how tongue-like it would look. Starting the weaving
was the first time the needle came unthreaded on this project. Hopefully
not a sign of more problems to come.

The picture also shows part of my stash of craft stuff. I've finally caught the stash-busting-bug, and plan to weigh it all up and start using all the things I've acquired over the years. Cutting those patches would be a good start.

Final note: spent £45 on a light box to help with comic drawing. Hopefully it will motivate me to actually draw, rather than sit around thinking about it.

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