Monday 24 November 2008

oh no- I've started something else!

In this case, it is a finger knitted scarf. I have some old blue chenille, bought years ago at Bainbridges in Newcastle. And I have some fresh ribbon yarn from Wool in Stockport- all glittery rainbow coloured. So they will hopefully combine to give me the nice warm scarf I am yearning for. No pattern, but I remember seeing one on Craftster, and I can also remember how to finger knit. When I was in elementary school, or maybe junior high, there was a brief craze for it. It seemed sort of ugly to me, but the scarf with a combination of yarns and textures did look nice.

I do have a horrible habit of starting things and not finishing other things. Will I ever get back to those crochet flowers? I'm thinking they would be a nice embellishment on a patchwork shirt; a project I'm thinking of starting after I finish the quilt I've been working on for a year and a month. Too much thinking!

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