Wednesday 19 November 2008

Doing nothing

lack of blogging reflects my lack of crafting- all I've done on the bus
is sit. I've been disorganized and unmotivated (though I know I'll make
no progress if I don't force myself to work on things). I've also been
tired- possibly because of anxiety around my sister in law needing an
operation, and stress around cleaning the mould infestation in our flat.


spiral on patchMust remember that at this month's
Embroiderer's Guild meeting, Carol gave me a lovely bit of hand dyed
yarn- wonderfully soft. It was a left-over from her card making, and
she suggested adding it to the mending I was doing on one of P's kimono
(finally wearable again- all 3 need more patching, but 2 are back in a
wearable state). I put it along a spiral of green stem stitch, and it
looks so fun. I need to be more generous- and I need to buy nice stuff
so I'll have nice stuff to share.


I read about implementing the 101
things in 1001 days on the Peacock Chic blog (she seems so fun). It
does seem like a good tool, but I feel like I'd just be setting myself
up to fail if I tried to use it. I want to enjoy myself, and that does
require being more organized about my hobbies, but I'm reluctant to set
any goals right now. Is this a mistake? I don't know.

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