Friday 5 December 2008

Someone spoke to me!

Going to work this morning, an older
gentleman sat beside me and asked what I was making. I'm afraid I
didn't answer very well (I can't hear well in noisy environments, and I
wasn't familiar with his accent), but he did say the scarf looked
pretty, and so it started my day well. This is the first time since
starting the blog that anyone has commented on my buscrafting. Scarf progress: 3 rows are put together, the next one is started, then 2 or 3 more to go.

clear sky foggy window

And here's a picture from when I wasn't
crafting, just staring out the window. The weekend before, it seemed
all of England was covered in mist. On this day, the sky was clear(ish)
but the bus window was fogged and patterned with splashes, hiding
things in a similar way.


Also, I've been struggling to finish a
project for the Embroiderers Guild meeting on Saturday- a runner
decorated with felt patches we made earlier this year. I feel like a
student, rushing to finish at the last minute!

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