Wednesday 9 February 2011

Not like the others

extra mendingThe mending on the parsnip bag needed some touching up. The duct tape at the top was pulling away from the fabric, taking the plastic lining with it. You can see this a bit in the photo here. I noticed this, oh, about two weeks agao, but it was only Friday night that I decided to stitch a few more parsnips while at the Embroiderers Guild meeting on the weekend.

But, because when I opened my bag of thread the white and green I had used before didn't just jump into my hand (still don't know where I put them), I decided it would be alright to use the white and green threads that I could find. It does bother me a bit that the threads don't match exactly, but I'm trying to be cool with it. I know that if someone else were to ask my advice, I'd say use the threads you have and just get stitching. So, it's a wee bit hippocritical of me to be bothered when my own parsnips aren't colour matched. (Note that even if I had found the right threads, the colours would still be off until the new parnips got as dirty as the old ones!)

I've been playing with the idea of using my bus-time to sort my embroidery threads. A tidy box arranged in a spectum really doesn't appeal to me. In fact, that level of organization freaks me out. But my un-sorted ziplock bag of threads isn't that nice either. I like the idea of arranging them on a banner or garland, so they could be on display, looking cute, as well as being ready to use. Hmmm...

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