Saturday 12 February 2011

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One of my 40 Things projects is to find 40 of my favourite colours. What's this "40 Things" you may be wondering? Well, this is the year I turned 40, and so rather than do a New Years Resolution, I put together a list of 40 Things to do 40 times, or with 40 different stitches, or some other count to 40. One of the things on my list is 40 Favourite Colours. I'm sometimes jealous of people who have a definite favourite colour. I generally like green, and I can remember both blue and red being favourites at different ages. For a while now, I haven't felt an affection for any given colour. Also, I've lost confidence in choosing colours. So, identifying 40 colours that I genuinely like seems like a fun and helpful project.

colours of yarn

Anyway, to get back to the story, at the Guild meeting last weekend, another member had brought in a bag of yarn to give away. I'm still trying to get rid of stuff, but I just loved the colours in the tangle of yarn. Luckily, the yarn was mostly scraps, and fairly short lengths at that. I pulled out a sample of the colours in a tangle I particularly liked, and rolled them up into little balls on the bus (to the great amusement of an elderly man who sat beside me one evening; he actually chuckled when he saw what I was doing). I had originally thought of displaying them in a small frame, but I don't have a frame to hand, so they will live in a bag in my yarn pile for a while yet. I'm now thinking I should have two frames- one of tidy balls and another of the same yarns all tangled up. But maybe I'm just making things too complicated.

I had a copy of Kevin McCloud's colour book from the library, and my best guess as to the colours of the yarns are:

  • pale orange-red

  • reddish purple

  • cobalt blue

  • grey with warm red

  • delicate pale beige

  • pink with blueish coolness

I'm surprised at liking a purple-brown combination, though one of the browns is technically a grey and another is an orange. It seems I'm also surprized by which colours they actually are.

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