Saturday 11 September 2010

Knitting report

It takes about a week to knit one earpiece cover on the bus. Since I've been knitting for two weeks, does that mean I've got a finished project to report on? Um, well, er...

The problem is, that I've twice made covers that are just too big. The first was too big all round, so I pulled it out and started again. The second was the right circumference, but too long and didn't taper enough. I did make notes along the way, so I know what to adjust for my third attempt. Hopefully it will be a Goldilocks just right, and I can finish the project completely in another two weeks.

I missed posting on my blogoversary last week. I had intended to do a big year in review and current projects run down, kind of a planning exercise. But I was feeling tired, like I was trying to do too much, and it just didn't feel like fun. So writing that post is on my to-do list, which seems a bit counterproductive, but that's ok.

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