Wednesday 16 June 2010

Eek! Its back!

I've finished the darning on the heart patch. These are pictures of the bag turned inside out. The shame. I know it's a good idea to keep the reverse side of embroidery neat, but I've been a bit negligent, especially with that pink thread- it's just all over the place! It means I've got to line the back before I start using it again, and it still needs the patches put on. So, at the moment it is sitting in my crafting pile, waiting until I get the energy together to finish it. The buscrafting stage is over. I'll put up a picture of the front of the embroidery when I actually finish the entire mending project.back of the blackworkback of the heart

I'm a bit dispirited that my buscrafting has resulted in another half-finished project. Today, I revisited another half-finished project, the clanger, and only have to cast off to finish the knitting. The 192 has been a bit empty this week, so I didn't feel so awkward waving the knitting needles around. Tomorrow I hope to do the crochet for the fingers, then that too will go into the crafting-at-home pile. I'm off work at the start of next week, so maybe I will finish a few of the projects that have been hanging around.

I'm planning to just read on the bus for a bit. Possibly because of hearing Mr Scruff's "Shanty Town" so often, I've checked out Moby Dick. It's one of those classics I have no idea about.

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