Sunday 3 March 2013

Sketching progress

Wednesday was a good day, bus-wise. Getting on the bus home, I noticed a pile of straw near the front seats. Long stalks, straight and stiff, not like rabbit bedding. It made me wonder if a witch had had broom trouble and had to take the bus home.

It was also the first day I managed to sketch for an entire bus trip, just for the morning trip, but still worth noting. On my way home, in addition to wondering about witches, I was carrying shopping, which is a poor excuse for not sketching more. The rest of the week, I only managed to put pencil to paper for about half the time I was riding, so I feel like it’s still something I need to work on. What has helped is deciding beforehand what to draw: robots or towers, purely from imagination.

The robot idea came from my art-guru Caatje, who said on her blog that she didn’t want to be an art robot. It struck me that I do want to be an art robot, or at least, I want to be more consistently productive, and I want to make stuff that looks the way I want it to.  The robots I’ve been drawing don’t look how I want them to, but at least I am drawing.

The tower idea came from the art journaling, so that’s from Caatje, too. I got frustrated because I couldn’t get the images I had selected for a page to work together. Then I came across some scraps trimmed from other pictures and had the idea of stacking them together:
working on page 9 from start (1)

After seeing that, I thought it was a bit like a fantastical tower, and that led to the sketching theme. I’d like to do more towers in the art journal, but it’s been a bit neglected lately as I’ve just been busy with other things. As always, I hope to do more in the art journal, sketch book, etc., but I'm a bit sceptical about that actually happening.

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