Thursday 19 July 2012

Quilt update slowdown

The quilting project has reached the next bus crafting phase. It is a bit of an odd, maybe crazy, way to do things, but I'm knitting the batting for the quilt. How can this make sense? My reasoning goes along these lines:

  1. The quilt is a stash busting project.

  2. The quilt should be warm, therefore it needs a filling.

  3. I don't have any batting in my stash, and I don't want to buy any to add to my stash.

  4. There is lots of yarn in my stash, including some bright synthetic stuff. (My mom is sweet and generous, but our tastes don't always coincide.)

  5. So using the yarn just for its warmth, not its colour, makes perfect sense.

It will make for a much longer project. There's 10 cm on the needles at the moment, so I suspect it will keep me busy for a while yet. This means I'll rearrange my crafting time at home to focus on making stuff for the craft fair at Victoria Baths. I've never sold stuff before, so it feels like a very big challenge! I will make an effort to not run away and hide.

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