Wednesday 19 October 2011

Sudden deadline

I realized yesterday that it’s only two weeks until November. I’m aiming to do the Nanowrimo again (I’ve got my basic plot and lots of notes, but I’m not sure I have the required level of enthusiasm to get through it); that mean my free time in November will be pretty much full of writing. So, I need to finish the indigo square before 1 November, or it won’t be complete in time to go to the show in February. Here’s what needs doing:

  • finish 2 corners

  • fill 5 holes

  • fill in a 4x2 cm gap

  • add some beads (this is optional, but was in my original ‘plan’)

  • mount on the thankfully pre-cut card

The clock is ticking! (And I'm on my last bit of indigo thread; will black thread work well enough? Only one way to find out...)

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