Monday 14 March 2011

Butterfly returned

woven butterflyThis butterfly was my contribution to the display the Manchester branch of the Embroiderer's Guild had at the Stitch and Creative Crafts show in February. Some of the blanket stitch edging and antenae were done on the bus, but mostly it was a home sewing project. Weaving with ribbons is AWFUL! They are slippery and fiddly and no fun at all. Well, ribbons are fun, but I found the weaving frustrating. I think I made it even harder by using ribbons of different thicknesses. Live and learn.

The piece was returned at the March meeting and is now stored away. I have a possilby mad idea of making a quilt with a garden of eden theme, and this butterfly may be part of that.

I think I started making the butterfly last September, but I'm not sure because I can't find a mention of it on my blog. I also missed doing a yearly overview in September, but while tidying my bedroom shelf I found my notes for the review, so with the idea that late is better than never:

  • from 15/07/10 I did get the divider shelf made and it is working nicely

  • from 10/06/10 I'm still not working on the comic, and it's still nagging at me. I know I'll never get better at drawing if I don't start practicing, but I just can't seem to find the way to motivate myself to just start in on it.

  • from 27/06/10 The quilt with text is  'Punctuation' by Sara Impey, found thanks to the Travels in Textiles blog that I've been following

  • from 16/06/10 That Make do and Mend bag is still not mended, but I'm still working on it. How much longer can it take? I dread to think.

  • Not made anything at the Fab Lab. Hopefully it will still be around when I'm finally ready to make something.

  • Also, I quickly gave up on tagging my blog posts. Not best practice, but it just feels too hard to think about meta content. Content is hard enough. (Why do I do something hard for fun?)

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