Tuesday 4 January 2011

Starting the new year

Not particularly well. I didn’t complete any of the other four things over the break:

  • The mend bag lining is underway. I gave up on trying to figure out the best way to do it, and just started on it.

  • The wire baskets do have covers, but need lids before they can move to the top of the shelves to collect dust/expand my storage area.

  • I did think about the mermaid story, but didn’t go beyond the thinking about it stage.

  • Didn’t even touch the clanger.

And on my first commute of the year, though I have a new knitting project to start (link found via whip-up), I decided to not fill my bag with yarn so I could do some shopping today instead. This is the year I’ll turn 40, and I’d like to do lots of stuff to mark that, but at the moment I’m still feeling worn down, even after 10 days off work.

But it is a new year, still fresh, so to avoid whining any more, I’ll point out that it’s the year of the rabbit (thanks for the info Maki), and a friend at the office shared this with me before we broke up for Christmas. She’s going through a lightning obsession with paper models. She gave me a printout which I saw again this morning, so I’ve finally taken it home to play with.

Happy New Year!

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