Wednesday 17 March 2010

Shopaholic, me?

I'm a scrounger, always after something for nothing. When I browse a website, I'm never thinking about what I can buy in someone's Etsy shop. I feel a bit guilty about this. In a lot of ways, I am one of the richest people in the world, so there's no excuse for me to be such a penny pincher.
craft rat in basketAnyway, when I saw that a blogger I follow had an unexpected vet bill, it prodded me into finally buying something from her. I love her attitude towards recycling, and I've been interested in how to use old t-shirts as yarn. Must say, I'm very happy with the basket. It feels so nice and well made, and so washable as well. So much cuter than the old cardboard box that yarn had been in. And I'm happy that her cat is doing well.
The little rat toy was a surprise gift from P. Evidently the crafter's in Chorlton use them as pincushions. Barbaric! But it would make the rat into a hedgehog.

My current weaving project is still coming along. The thick texture is lovely. Hope it survives being laundered. I'm already thinking about my next project though. Yoda would be so disappointed in me, always thinking about the future.

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