Monday 26 January 2009

Another finished item

My enthusiasm for the weaving
project was on the wane, so on my way to work on Thursday, I decided to finish the length of yarn I
had and then take the piece off the loom/cardstock. As I cut the warp
strings and tied them in place, I was worried that it wouldn't be nice,
or would fall apart! (My worries were probably causing the wane of enthusiasm.) But when I took the weaving off the card my
instant reaction was "It's so cute!"

bus woven bag

Technically, as a weaving it has several problems. I started pulling
on the string more as I went along, so the top is tighter than the
bottom. There are loose strings everywhere, and the warp is most untidy.

But I do think it is cute- like a bag for a doll, hence the Pincess Leia model. Maybe I'll do some card weaving for a strap sometime- but i don't think I could get the tensioning right on the bus. (I have done mini-mobile card weaving on a train, pinning the warp to the knee of my jeans, but I don't fancy trying that with my office trousers.)

My verdict: Small scale weaving is a good craft for the bus ride. If I try it
again, I think I'll aim for something more controlled, maybe with a
representational pattern in different colours. I'm thinking it may be a method of making a patch, or something to add embroidery to. And I'll go read Tanglecrafts for
more inspiration!

So, all that was from last week, but I've had a long weekend (visit from the in-laws and my birthday). I don't have a craft planned for tomorrow, but something will come up, I'm sure.

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